About Us

As a young girl, my mother had this large, beautiful cedar chest; filled with mementos, keepsakes, and even her own wedding dress.The things in that chest represented the significance of the past being preserved for future memories. The smell of cedar can still bring back a sweet nostalgia…

It's this memory that helped birth the idea to connect future and former brides.

 Cedar Chest Boutique is where style and practicality meet. We offer consignment, rental, and bridal styling services.

Former brides don’t have to worry about their once beloved gowns being left to collect dust in their closet. They now have the chance to help another bride find the dress of their dreams.

Future brides can now shop for designer options and not have to worry about the price tag. Paying thousands for a dress that will be worn once, only to be stowed away.

We’re taking bridal fashion ‘out of the box’.


xo, Teresa